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Hello, hello and happy Sunday! This time last week we were in the hospital welcoming Sophie to the world (you can read her birth story soon!). I can’t believe it’s already been a week! Things are going so well. My husband got to take the week off, Sierra (our 7 year old) is transitioning great into big sisterhood, and our massive pup (120 lbs) is doing amazing with a new baby around.

Valentine’s Day is also coming up in only 4 days – holy smokes time is going fast. Sierra and I already made her heart tree and we may make some cookies or something. Other than that, the hubs and I will probably just order some dinner in and maybe throw on a movie since we’re (obviously) not going anywhere. I’m thinking hibachi sounds AH-mazing… Annnnd the one by our house delivers! I’m also getting him a small gift to show some appreciation for how much he’s done for us these last few months (and always, really).

Well – we have family coming over for the first time to see Sophie today, so I better get to some of the highlights I came across this week!

As always, this Coffee Chat will go through some cool finds, steals, deals, life hacks, and more that I find throughout the week. To keep up to date with the latest coffee chats and other news, sign up below.

Newborn In The House

Saving the Ta-Ta’s | Damn! I forgot how hard breastfeeding is in the beginning. Between getting a good latch, the girls taking a new beating, and being an on call food supply for baby ’round the clock, it’s exhausting. But it will also be so worth it. All I can say at this point is thank God for miracle nipple cream I don’t have to wipe off, bamboobies that don’t stick, and this adorable nursing bralette (that’s literally the only thing I can wear for support right now).

Baby Love | Life with a newborn and now having 2 littles is taking some adjusting, but everyone is handling it so well! Now that baby is here, there are definitely a few items I’m loving. These swaddles are absolutely amazing. They’re more expensive, but the quality and comfort babe as been getting from them it totally worth it. This same company also makes matching burp cloths which we’ve been using and love too! Seriously, how does Copper Pearl make sure amazingly soft items?? My tumbler has also been seeing a ton of use these days. Breastfeeding makes your thirsty apparently – haha.

Deals & Steals Everywhere

Sales Ga-lore | 40% off bras & bralettes… 10 for $35 undies… 30% off all apparel… need I go on?? I’m thinking about scooping up this super cozy sweatshirt that’s made for leggings and a pair of $11 leggings while I’m at it too.

The Perfect Thermal | There are just sales popping up everywhere right now! Urban Outfitters has some pretty hit or miss items in my opinion. They are either the best pieces or a total bust. This thermal is definitely a hit though! It’s cozy, nursing and bump friendly, and is light enough to transition into spring with. It’s on sale right now too! I’d scoop one up because they sell out fast.

Valentine’s Day

Big Date | As I said before, we’re obviously not doing anything extravagant for Valentine’s Day this year. To be honest.. we never really did anyway. But we are still planning on doing something small. I found this article that has some pretty good ideas on how to make the day a little more special at home.

Ideas for Him | Need some gift ideas for the special guy in your life? These gifts are affordable and perfect for just about everyone.

Highlight Reel

With Sophie making her appearance this week, I did not get any new posts up for you guys. But I know you all can understand that. I do, however, have a few posts in the works. In the next few days I’ll have fighting sickness while pregnant and Sophie’s birth story posted!

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