Easy pregnancy indigestion remedies. Get rid of gas, constipation, indigestion, upset stomach, and more issues with these simple tips for use during pregnancy. Perfect for a healthy mom and a healthy baby. | Pregnancy | Healthy | Mom TipsI woke up this morning and realized I’m halfway through my pregnancy! It seems like just yesterday we were jumping for joy at those little pink lines. So I’m sitting here reflecting on the past few months and how I didn’t experience many symptoms early on. But there was one that stuck with me even past the first trimester… terrible indigestion.  Indigestion is one of the not-so-beautiful sides of pregnancy no one tells you about. I’ve never experienced many tummy issues in the past (including constipation, bloating, gas, indigestion)… but for whatever reason, this baby has been kicking my butt!

I sure hope this isn’t a sign telling me to prepare for a fussy little one!

Well this past week something amazing happened! I woke up, went to work and on about my day, got home and was getting ready for bed a couple hours later when it hit me… I hadn’t had any tummy issues all day! What changed? Where did my tummy troubles go? Not that I was complaining.

Essentially overnight, my stomach started feeling 100%. Clearly some new remedies I had been trying actually worked! Can I get a hallelujah!? And they haven’t come back since!

Here’s the combination that finally kicked those stomach problems:

Vitamin Code

Vitamin Code is a raw wholefood prenatal vitamin. You take 1 capsule 3 times a day. My routine is: 1 in the morning, 1 around lunch, and 1 around dinner. They are super easy to swallow (coming from someone who does not like swallowing pills) and can even be opened and added to a drink! The best part about these? The vitamin includes a digestive blend! Score!

Literally the day before my incredible relief, I switched my prenatal to Vitamin Code. Coincidence? I think not! It’s easy to see why this topped my list of the best prenatal vitamins.

Drinking More Water

Water is key to proper digestion. It may seem simple to most people, but drinking water is a task for me. Unless it’s glacier cold, I find a hard time getting it down (especially during that first trimester nausea). I’ve gotten all the tips before… infuse it with fruit, mark a water bottle… but let’s be honest. I don’t have the spare time create fruit-infused water as I’m rushing out the door and marking a bottle doesn’t take care of the taste.

So what’s a water drinking struggler like me to do? Buy a water bottle that will keep the contents glacier cold the entire day! I swear this product was made just for me! More water = a healthier gut = a happier pregnant momma.


Fiber is a huge support to your digestive system! Over the past few weeks, I’ve been adding more fiber rich foods to my diet to help my body process everything. When I first thought of eating more fiber, I pictured unappetizing, sawdust type options (you know the kind). But there are actually lots fresh foods that have plenty of natural fiber.

This list of pregnancy superfoods has several high fiber options that taste amazing and offer other benefits to baby! I’ve also been making my own version of overnight oats with this pumpkin oat mixture that includes fiber – it’s super delicious!

Pregnancy Probiotic

Did you know there is both good and bad bacteria in your gut? Having more good bacteria is essential to your digestive tract. Unfortunately, a lot foods we consume today boost the bad bacteria instead of the good. Most of us need a little extra help – that’s where Pink Stork Probiotic comes in. I found this supplement while doing my research and shortly after I started taking it, I noticed tons of gut relief! And it also helps with morning sickness!

You can find out more about the product here.

Drinking Coffee

You mean I don’t have to give up coffee?? Nope! This coffee drinking momma was ecstatic when my doctor told me I could have up to 200mg of caffeine per day. That’s about the equivalent of a 12 oz cup of coffee.

It really depends on your body with this remedy as everyone processes coffee differently. For me – I drink about 6-8 oz in the morning and the coffee gets things moving!

Eating Smaller

I’ve always had a tendency to eat smaller servings of actual meals with lighter snacks in-between (it’s good for anyone’s metabolism), but even more so now that I’m pregnant. Realistically, if you can stretch the 3 larger main meals into about 7 smaller meals throughout the day, you’ll start to see a big difference in your digestion!

I always make sure to grab some light snacks on my way out the door each morning, as well as keep a stock in my desk. That way I’m not eating too much at one time. Eating slower and choosing foods that are less fatty or greasy can also help! These superfoods are quick, easy, and delicious to give you some ideas.

Pregnancy Pillow

A pillow can help with digestive issues? Yup! It sure can! Propping yourself at a bit of an angle while sleeping can reduce irritable digestion symptoms.

I invested in a Snoogle and it’s by far one of the best purchases I’ve made this pregnancy. It’s essentially a special body pillow designed to support and curve with your body. At first, I was nervous about spending the money on it when I already had a regular body pillow at home, but the Snoogle provides much better support and comfort than my body pillow ever did.

It has so many uses too! I curve one end behind my neck and back for support and for the incline, then I use some portion between my knees for hip relief. Depending on what my body needs from day to day, I either run the pillow along my back for extra support or sleep snuggled up against it.

You could use a regular body pillow like this one as a cheaper option and still find some relief, but I highly suggest looking into the Snoogle. I’ve used mine every single night since I got it and it will come in handy long after my pregnancy is over!


Chime in mommas! What are some remedies you used to cure indigestion during pregnancy? Is there anything you swear by?

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