This owls and arrows theme baby girl nursery is simply adorable! From grey nursery walls, to cute pink owls, to DIY curtains, this is such a cute nursery idea. It’s perfect for little girls to grow into as they go from baby to toddler. There are several budgeting and DIY nursery tips included too! | Baby Girl Nursery Décor Ideas | Nursery Décor on a Budget

I’ve been getting a ton of requests recently to show how we set up our nursery and I’m so excited to finally put that together for you today! While I’m certainly no expert designer, I put a lot of thought into how I wanted Baby’s room to look. See, I was so young with my firstborn and we lived in a 1 bedroom apartment. She didn’t have her own room so I never had the opportunity to create a space just for her. That’s definitely part of what fueled me to create a “perfect” nursery for baby number 2. Plus, it makes for such a relaxing and fun space for baby to develop in!

Nursery Theme – Owls & Arrows

When we first found out we were expecting, I originally wanted to do an elephant theme. Honestly, I saw the cutest little elephant pillow on Pinterest and couldn’t get it out of my head. Then – I went to Homegoods… and my entire vision changed. OWLS! The “nursery” type owls are so adorable!! You know… the ones with the big round eyes?? I knew this is what I wanted to have in the nursery. But I couldn’t have just owls, so we went with arrows as a compliment to the theme.

To start, we painted the whole room a cool grey color. I think this just makes for a nice neutral palate so we could match any colors we wanted to it. Then we decided to have pops of pink, white, and green throughout the room to brighten it up.

Nursery Furniture

Before we could add any color or décor, we needed to have a “foundation” for the room. Nursery furniture. These are the biggest pieces to the room and usually the most expensive. So in terms of budgeting and planning, these are the first items you should purchase. Then you can figure out how much more you want to spend on the smaller design and storage pieces.

For Sophie’s nursery, we went with a white crib, a glider/rocker/recliner combo chair, and a large cube storage unit (instead of a dresser).

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Crib | Rocker-Glider-Recliner Combo Chair | Cube Storage Unit

MUB Budgeting Tip – get a convertible crib that will last them years instead of only a couple. This Crib Guide has several options that are all under $250!

Nursery Décor

My favorite part of designing the nursery was the décor! There are so many options out there and some fun ways to incorporate your own flare. BUT everything baby and décor is so expensive. Like – why is a tiny wall flower $40??? So I did a lot of browsing and digging before I purchased anything. There were also some fun DIY projects I did throughout the room. I’ve included a bunch of photos below for how we decorated everything. Below each picture will be information to where you can purchase certain items!

MUB Budgeting Tip – DIYing, repurposing, and second hand purchases are a great way to save money! Check out this post here for ways to design your nursery on a budget.

A high priority for the nursery was blackout curtains. We needed them to block out some of the cold (the nursery is right above the garage and is on the north side of the house) and to keep the room nice and dark for naps. Honestly, I thought these were going to be whiter than they were, but I got such a great deal on them. Plus, the silverish color they are actually looks pretty good.

I definitely wanted to add a little color to the curtains, but didn’t want too much. The solution? Adding some cute pops of tulle! Check out how I made these adorable DIY tulle curtains on this post.

You can find the curtains for the larger window here.
You can find the curtains for the smaller windows here.

The love pillow came from my local Homegoods, but I found this similar pillow.

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I really, really wanted to have a custom cursive name done for above her crib (like this one), but in the grand budget scheme, it was just too much. So we went with block letters instead.

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