With Sierra’s 1st grade school year already half way over, we’ve started to re-evaluate how she’s doing with her reading. She’s just like her momma and absolutely loves it – and is actually doing really well. I can honestly say that her school has done an amazing job working through reading. Plus, we make sure to read at least 1 book every night and do her sight words daily. You can download a free list of 100 sight words here to get you started. She’s doing so well, we wanted to start giving her something she can progress with – chapter books! While we’re just now introducing this to her, she already really enjoys it. So I wanted to share some of the Chapter Books for First Grade that we found. These are perfect for beginner readers and often come in series too!

This list of beginner chapter books is perfect for ages 6-9. Young readers will find something to enjoy in each of these chapter book series. Improve their skills, capture their attention, and get their imagination moving with these perfect chapter books for first grade! | Chapter Books | Chapter Book Series | 1st Grade Reading

1 | Junie B. Jones

The Junie B. Jones series has been around a while – I remember reading it as a kid and I loved it! Sierra is now reading them and they’ve been a huge hit with her too. Each book is written from Junie B.’s perspective starting with books centered around Kindergarten through First Grade. While there are some slang/improper words in the book, that I find that actually makes it more relatable, silly, and fun for young readers!

You can find the first boxed set » here.

2 | Magic Tree House

The Magic Tree House series is another one that’s been around for a while and is highly recommended. Siblings Annie and Jack discover a tree house in the woods, which leads to an adventure every time they visit. We haven’t started on this series yet, but after skimming through them, they look fantastic! Each book is an enthralling tale from dinosaurs to secret passages to pirate treasure. These really are designed to capture a young reader’s attention!

You can find the first boxed set » here.

3 | Wallace and Grace

Wallace and Grace is a new series about a pair of owl detectives who uncover mysteries at night. These books are printed in larger text and include colorful pictures – which makes them great for new readers! Plus, I’m totally obsessed with owls right now so I find the characters incredibly adorable.

You can find the first book » here.

4 | Disney: The Never Girls

Who wouldn’t want to take a trip to Never Land? A chance to see Tinker Bell? I’m in! This Disney series is about four friends who get their biggest wish: to go to Never Land. There are tons of books in this series, which means lots of reading entertainment. Something to keep in mind – there are a lot of words these books. Honestly, our little reader probably isn’t quite ready to read these on her own, but we can read them together. That makes these great books for her to grow into and follow along with as we read to her.

You can find the first box set » here.

5 | Owl Diaries

Yup – I just had to add another owl series in here. They’re adorable, alright? But really, I love the different style these books have. Each Owl Diary book is written just like a diary entry with pictures included. Eva is the main character, and her journal entries tell stories about her days, thoughts, and BIG ideas. The words are large and the sentences are easy, so these books are perfect for beginners to read on their own!

You can find the first book » here.

6 | Dragon Masters

The Dragon Masters series is part of a Scholastic book line that targets young readers. So you know they’re good! If you’re looking for a more gender neutral option, this may be the one. The series starts with a soldier that takes a young boy away to be trained as a dragon master along with three other children. Dragons and castles and adventure. What kid wouldn’t want to read about that??

You can find the first book » here.

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  1. We are big readers in my family. My daughter is in 3rd grade and my son is now in 6th. My daughter began reading crazy early around age 4, and now she usually has 3 books going at once in different rooms of the house. Some of our favorite early chapter book series for boys and girls are: A to Z Mysteries by Ron Roy (one mystery per letter of the alphabet), the Weird School series by Dan Gutman (a little silly, but the main characters are constant throughout all 3 of the Weird School series), The Puppy Place series, the Cam Jansen series by David Adler, the Stink series by Megan McDonald, and the Reddy Freddy series by Abby Klein (my kids loved this series because the author hid a picture of a shark in every illustration, and they had fun looking for them). We also love EVERYTHING by Kate DiCamillo…Most of her books are for 3rd – 6th grade, but her Mercy Watson series has 6 books for first graders. That is a great nighttime read aloud, because It is fun to do the different voices. Hope that helps! I could probably go through my daughter’s room and find 25 more great ones!

    • Thanks so much for the recommendations Meredith!! Those all sound wonderful. We need to do a massive clean out of the old books she’s outgrown and replace them, so I’ll definitely be looking for these!

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