First Trimester Pregnancy Must Haves - Pregnancy Essentials for mommas-to-be that you should get right away! A list of items to help pregnant mommas through the first trimester - to keep both mom and baby happy and healthy.The first trimester of pregnancy is often the hardest in terms of symptoms. Morning (all day) sickness, tender breasts, fatigue, heartburn, constipation, food aversions… the list could go on. I personally experienced most of these – although not as severe as it could have been. But even going through the first trimester hardships, I was still able to enjoy it!

Yes – it doesn’t have to be miserable!

A lot of trial and error went into finding some comfort this pregnancy, but I found a few incredible items that were simply life savers! These essentials are perfect for every expecting momma! Seriously, I wish I would have bought all of these right away.

Take a look through this list of first trimester pregnancy must haves that every momma should get and give yourself some relief!


The Snoogle has done wonders for my sleep improvement! Not only has it helped with my pregnancy indigestion (see how I cured it overnight here!), it has also helped over comfort – no more tossing and turning!

I was a little nervous about spending the money on this, which is why we initially held off on buying it. But once I read the numerous reviews about just how many uses this pillow has both during and after pregnancy – I knew the Snoogle would be a great investment!

You can find this pillow for a great price here!

Prenatal / DHA vitamins

As your doctor may have already told you, prenatal vitamins are super important for pregnant mommas and their babies. Whether they gave you a recommendation on a brand to use or not, there are definitely vitamins that are better than others.

After trying several prenatal combos, my advice is to use Vitamin Code for the prenatal vitamin and use Nordic Naturals Prenatal as the DHA supplement.

There are tons of options out there though – so take a peek through this Best Prenatals Guide for the best options and what to look for when buying a prenatal.

Insulated Water Bottle

Something that really helped me get through my nausea symptoms was ice cold water. I’m talking like glacier cold with tons of ice! Unfortunately, most water bottles aren’t insulated well enough, causing the ice to melt too quickly. But I reeeeeally needed to find something to keep my water cold so that dang nausea would go away.

That’s when I finally found the Hydroflask water bottles! It’s not wonder they have a 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon out of over 2,000 reviews – they actually keep your liquids the right temperatures ALL DAY! Plus, you can buy tons of variations in color and accessories (like one with a straw lid!).

As someone who is constantly worrying about budget friendly options, I can say this is definitely worth the price!

Maternity Bras

One of the first signs I was pregnant was tender breasts – like… SUPER tender. I knew I was pregnant before I even took the test. And just a quickly as they became tender, they grew! Within the first 8 weeks I was already starting to spill out of my current bras so I knew it was time to stop by a maternity store. I recommend actually going into a store to get sized and actually get a feel for the different types of bras. Especially since your ta-ta’s are going to keep growing!

I went into a Motherhood Maternity store near my house, and they were great! They also had a buy 3 get 1 free option, so I was able to buy 4 different types of bras. And let me just say… they are all SO comfortable! Plus, the store attendant was able to advise me on proper size to account for the extra growth. Not to mention all of these are nursing bras as well, so I will continue to use them even after little miss is born.

Maternity Clothes

While I didn’t actually start gaining any weight until early in my second trimester, my body and baby bump started changing and growing pretty early on! This made my current clothes extremely uncomfortable and my shirts all started to get too short (mostly due to the larger breasts). Yes, there are several tips and DIYs out there to put off buying maternity clothes, but you’re going to end up buying them at some point. So why suffer through the discomfort?

I’m not saying to buy an entire wardrobe in your first trimester, but getting at least 1 pair of pants and 1-2 shirts can really make a huge difference! I know it did for me!

The Isabel Maternity line at Target is one of my favorites! All of the clothes are super comfortable, have plenty of room to grow, and offer tons of options that don’t have the “maternity” look! My staples are:

Comfy lounge wear

Along with some maternity wear essentials, now is also a good time to invest in some comfy lounge wear. Between all your first trimester symptoms, you deserve to at least be comfortable! And you’re only going to keep growing. So make sure to get lounge clothes that can grow with you like these soft and comfy PJ pants – bonus points if you get a dual purpose lounge shirt for nursing after baby comes!

I’m all about saving money and getting more bang for your buck, so I always look for items I can either use for longer or use for multiple purposes.

Pink Stork

Pink Stork is a company that designs products specifically for pregnant and postpartum women – and they are simply amazing! It’s tough to pick out just one of their products that’s helped me because they offer so many pregnancy life-savers. If I had to pick a couple that really saved me during the first trimester… I would say the Pregnancy Probiotic, Cocolaurin, and Away Bars were great for combating morning sickness! They also offer these pregnancy bath salts that helped me sleep!

Not to mention the several other products they offer for morning sickness, lactation, prenatal vitamins, heartburn, and more! Seriously, if you can think of anything you need a remedy for during pregnancy or after birth, Pink Stork probably has it.


Last but most definitely not least… SNACKS!

The myth about “eating for two” is just that… a myth. You do need to eat more while you’re pregnant, just not a whole extra person’s worth. During the first trimester you really don’t need to eat any extra calories to keep momma and baby healthy, but you may start getting some cravings and it’s important to get the right nutrition for both you and baby.

My go-to snacks during the first trimester were protein bars (baby needs lots of protein), and chocolate covered peanuts. But really any healthy snack option is good – think fruits, veggies, nuts, yogurt… foods like that.



What about you other moms out there? What were some first trimester pregnancy must haves you couldn’t do without?

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    • I’m glad you share my love of the Snoogle! It’s been such a huge help, especially now that I’m entering the 3rd trimester. My husband even jokes that it’s replacing him at night – ha!

    • For sure! It’s been a huge saver for me this pregnancy. I was having such a hard time sleeping and finding a comfortable and supported position, and the Snoogle was exactly what I needed. My 6 year old loves to snuggle up with it when we’re watching TV or a move too!

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