Christmas Eve box ideas for kids of all ages! Ideas for gifting in every budget. This Christmas Eve tradition is a huge hit for everyone in our house! Plus it makes for a great way to do something special together on Christmas Eve!Christmas Eve is filled with so much excitement! Sometimes I wonder if I love it more than Christmas Day – okay maybe not. But I do love putting out the gifts and enjoying the festivities before Christmas morning. After I had my first daughter, I knew I wanted to start a few special traditions for the holidays, including something for Christmas Eve.

One of my favorites to do for Christmas Eve is a little present each person gets to open that night – a Christmas Eve Box! Thankfully my husband and I were on the same page with this so the entire family gets one. We put together our efforts on the kiddos’ boxes, then he does one for me and I do one for him. It’s absolutely perfect and so much fun!

There are tons of different items you can put in these boxes so you really can make one for everyone! Typically, our adult boxes are more simple, but the kids’ boxes can get really creative. After a few years now of making these boxes, I’ve found a system that works for our family and keeps it budget friendly (you know I’m all about the budget!).

So here you have it. These are some of the best items I’ve found to put in a Christmas Eve Box for Kids. Take these ideas and make your own fun combination!


A Christmas Eve Box isn’t complete without a new set of Pajamas to wear! They’re comfy, they’re cozy, and they provide a much better outfit for pictures the next morning! We haven’t done this yet, but once the new baby is born, we may even try a matching pajama set for everyone (including our fur baby!).


This one is a toss-up, but you can either select a fun movie or a festive Christmas book for some Christmas Eve entertainment (puzzles or board games would be a really fun variation too!). I’ve decided that going the book route is better most years for our family. It’s a little cheaper (Christmas is already expensive) and can be more personalized to a movie. Plus, my little loves to read!

Movie ideas this year include:

Or go festive with a movie like the Polar Express (this one is a favorite in our house!)

Festive book ideas:

While you could really choose any book to put in their boxes, I think a holiday themed book makes for a better Christmas Eve activity.

Hot Cocoa

It’s cheap and it’s delicious! Grab a pack of your favorite hot chocolate mix or a hot cocoa spoon – you can even make your own with this super simple recipe – to sip along with your entertainment choice. These flavored ones are delicious! Just pick a flavor or two to put in the Christmas Eve boxes then you can either use the rest to add to other gifts or save them for the family.

*If hot chocolate isn’t your thing, apple cider is a great alternative.


Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Kids - Add a festive Santa Mug to drink their favorite hot beverage out of!A cute mug is another great option to add to the box. Give them something new to mix their cocoa or cider in! Travel mugs are perfect for smaller kids to avoid spills. Or you can go festive with a Santa or ugly sweater mug. We don’t add a mug every year, but it has been a hit on the years we did!


Slippers! Who doesn’t love cozy feet, especially if it’s cold? I’ve made this an essential item to add in every Christmas Eve box. Since they get used all year long, they’re pretty worn down by the time Christmas rolls around and the kids love them. Target always seems to have cute options for under $10 too!

A pair of thick comfy socks would also work instead of slippers.


Snacks to go with the entertainment are perfect for the boxes. Think popcorn, chocolates, cookies, or any of your kiddos’ favorite treats! Even if it’s just one small candy bar, the kids go nuts that they received their own special snack (and is super budget friendly)!

Side note: Amazon has a great deal on Popcorn – or your local wholesale store like Sam’s Club or Costco would have some for a good price as well.


Ornaments are so fun and cute – especially the customized ones. If you’re wanting to add this to your box, but are on a tighter budget, try going DIY style by starting with a clear ornament and using glitter, feathers, paint, or any other items to create your own.

Here are a few fun ornaments I found while browsing this year:


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    • Right?! We all really love this tradition. We didn’t do the matching PJ’s this year, but I’m seriously contemplating getting them for us all next year! It would make for super cute photos too.

  1. This is a cute idea, I’ve also read where someone suggested Elf on the Shelf give out some of these fun items, like pajamas, leading up to Christmas. It’s a great and simple way to get kids in the spirit. And with so many resources on the internet, you could find a free holiday coloring page and include it☺

    • Oh how cute! I love the Elf on the Shelf idea too – we actually don’t do that in our house, but I’ve been thinking about starting it. AND adding holiday coloring pages is an awesome idea too! I might actually add that in this year!

  2. These are cute ideas! We always do new pajamas for them to open on Christmas Eve and wake up in Christmas morning. They are only 4 and 2 but they already look forward to this tradition and that makes me happy as a mama : )

  3. I love the Christmas Eve box Idea!! My daughter is only a year and a half so she doesn’t quite understand, but in a year or two i’ll definately be starting this tradition. Thank you for sharing!

  4. What a fun idea!! I love when families have Christmas Eve traditions that include everyone. The box idea is definitely a good one! We are having our first in March so I can’t wait for him to be hold enough to understand the concept of Christmas and be excited about it 🙂

  5. We always got a Christmas ornament with the year on it. When I got married, I already had a start on the tree trimming. I like the hot chocolate, a book, and new jammies idea, too.

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