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MUB Reads // Unlocking Life Secrets

Finding empowerment and encouragement as a female, and especially a mother, is tough. Girl Code is an amazing short read that will uplift, inspire, and bring a positive attitude to all moms out there! Take some time for self care and pick up this book to find encouragement and support in motherhood. | Mub Reads | Book Recommendations | Female Entrepreneur | Mom Support

As moms, a lot of us tend to struggle with find the right support system. We balance family life, some sort of working life, social life, and then attempt to squeeze in whatever form of self-care we can (taking a hot shower qualifies, right?). Sometimes it feel like we have to do it all with little […] Read more…

MUB Reads // A Raw & Powerful Romance Novel

Reading a good book can completely transform and shape the way you look at different experiences. It can also help you heal, cope, or escape for a while. That’s what makes this raw and powerful romance novel worth reading. It Ends With Us is the perfect book for moms to read, to read in your 20’s, to read in your 30’s, or really at any time in your life. | Romance books to read| Top Book Recommendations | Romance books worth reading

You want to talk about powerful emotions? A real, raw story? How about one that will pull on every heartstring you have until the very end? That’s exactly what Colleen Hoover provides with It Ends with Us. Hey mommas! Welcome to my first post in a new blog series I’m writing called MUB Reads. In […] Read more…