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Affordable Maternity Clothes – The Staples

Searching for affordable maternity clothes? Save BIG on these items that are the perfect staples for a pregnancy and postpartum wardrobe. Get all the basics you need on a budget! | This wardrobe round-up focuses on some affordable maternity clothes that are perfect basics you can wear the entire pregnancy. A lot of these selections can be worn postpartum too – which makes them a great investment!

Pregnancy brings so many changes with it – one of those being a drastic transformation in your body. You’re growing bump will push you out of almost all of your pre-pregnancy clothes (not to mention your postpartum body will be completely different too). But when there are already so many expenses surrounding preparing for a […] Read more…

Preparing Your Older Child for a New Baby

Adding a baby to your family is a huge change and can be just as challenging when older siblings are involved. Sibling jealously and acclimation are common worries for parents, but there are ways to help prevent that from happening. These super helpful tips in preparing your older child for a new baby will do wonders for everyone in the family! | Older Siblings | New Baby and Siblings |Preparing for a New Baby

As many of you know, we currently have a strong-willed 7-year-old daughter and are excepting our second any day now. To be completely bare and honest with you all… I am terrified of going from one child to two with such a large age gap. I mean, our daughter has only ever known being an […] Read more…

MUB Reads // Unlocking Life Secrets

Finding empowerment and encouragement as a female, and especially a mother, is tough. Girl Code is an amazing short read that will uplift, inspire, and bring a positive attitude to all moms out there! Take some time for self care and pick up this book to find encouragement and support in motherhood. | Mub Reads | Book Recommendations | Female Entrepreneur | Mom Support

As moms, a lot of us tend to struggle with find the right support system. We balance family life, some sort of working life, social life, and then attempt to squeeze in whatever form of self-care we can (taking a hot shower qualifies, right?). Sometimes it feel like we have to do it all with little […] Read more…

No-Sew DIY Tulle Curtains

No-Sew DIY Tulle Curtains! These tulle curtain accents are super easy to DIY. They are perfect for a kid’s room or baby nursery décor and are super cute and fun. No-Sew, DIY Tulle Curtains that take little time and effort to make and are a low cost decorating option! 3 simple steps to beautiful tulle curtains.

Baby number 2 will be here in a couple months and I wanted to get the nursery decorating out of the way. It’s just one less thing we have to worry about during the final stretch. Our theme has been sort of neutral (think whites and grays) with pops of color throughout – and for […] Read more…