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Affordable Maternity Clothes – The Staples

Searching for affordable maternity clothes? Save BIG on these items that are the perfect staples for a pregnancy and postpartum wardrobe. Get all the basics you need on a budget! | This wardrobe round-up focuses on some affordable maternity clothes that are perfect basics you can wear the entire pregnancy. A lot of these selections can be worn postpartum too – which makes them a great investment!

Pregnancy brings so many changes with it – one of those being a drastic transformation in your body. You’re growing bump will push you out of almost all of your pre-pregnancy clothes (not to mention your postpartum body will be completely different too). But when there are already so many expenses surrounding preparing for a […] Read more…

Choosing The Best Prenatal Vitamins: An Ultimate Guide

Finding prenatal vitamins is the first step to a healthy pregnancy. These affordable options ensure mom and baby are getting the right nutrients. There's an option for everyone to keep a healthy mom and a healthy baby through all 9 months and beyond! | Pregnancy | Healthy Mom | Healthy Baby

As if pregnancy wasn’t complicated enough – dealing with nausea, fatigue, digestion issues, and healthy eating (check out this list of pregnancy superfoods you’ll love) – you may also find yourself sifting through hundreds of prenatal vitamins. I know I get overwhelmed just looking at the prenatal section in the store. So how do you […] Read more…