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Valentine’s Day Heart Tree Craft

Looking for an easy and fun Valentine’s Day craft for kids? This heart tree is simple, cute, and perfect for kids of all ages! It's also a special keepsake for mom since it includes your child's handprint! All you need is some paper, glue, and scissors for this adorable craft.

Valentine’s Day is in the air – as I’m reminded by every store I walk into. While we don’t usually make a huge ordeal out of it, I do love the warm spirit it puts everyone in. I feel like it’s a great reminder for all of us in what a little extra appreciation and […] Read more…

Preparing Your Older Child for a New Baby

Adding a baby to your family is a huge change and can be just as challenging when older siblings are involved. Sibling jealously and acclimation are common worries for parents, but there are ways to help prevent that from happening. These super helpful tips in preparing your older child for a new baby will do wonders for everyone in the family! | Older Siblings | New Baby and Siblings |Preparing for a New Baby

As many of you know, we currently have a strong-willed 7-year-old daughter and are excepting our second any day now. To be completely bare and honest with you all… I am terrified of going from one child to two with such a large age gap. I mean, our daughter has only ever known being an […] Read more…

Sight Words Activity for Kids | Ages 5-7

These sight words activity flash cards are the perfect educational activity for kids ages 5-7! Kids have a blast seeing how fast they can get through these words. It’s the perfect activity to improve reading and writing skills! This post also includes a free list of 100 sight words to get you started. | Kindergarten Activities | First Grade Activities | Indoor Activities | Activities for Kids

In just a few short days, Sierra will be having another birthday – how can she be 7 already?! So I’ve been sitting here reflecting how every year brings new joys, memories, and parenting challenges. One of the more joyful teaching moments I’ve had has been teaching her how to read. There’s certainly a lot […] Read more…

100+ Non Toy Gifts for Kids

Buying toy gifts is the easy part - but figuring out what kind of gifts to give that AREN'T toys can be a bit more tough. Don't fight toy clutter this year, instead find some awesome non toy gifts for kids of all ages in our list of 100+ ideas! This list contains gifts that are great for younger kids, older kids, boys, and girls. There's a gift for everyone on here this Christmas! | Gifts for kids | Non Toy Gifts | Christmas Gifts

Is it really Christmas time again?? As per usual, we busted out our Christmas decor and got the tree up this weekend. There’s nothing quite like a festive house to bring on the holiday cheer! With the baby coming right around the corner, it seems like the holidays just snuck up on us. It’s also Sierra’s last Christmas as […] Read more…