Since I missed last week’s update, I’m combining week 33 and 34 for you all. On my last update, I was put on bed rest for a week, but have since been put on bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy. A full bed rest update is included below and don’t forget to follow along our daily journey on Instagram!

Baby bump update at 33 weeks and 34 weeks | What you can expect at 33-34 weeks pregnant. Including symptoms, must haves, style, struggles, and joys. | Bumpdate | Bed Rest During Pregnancy

-Size of baby-

Last week (33) our little was the size of a head of celery. This week, she’s the size of a cantaloupe – almost 5 lbs and 18 inches long.


Since going into preterm labor, I’ve been put on weekly OB visits. Both last week and this week I weighed in at 139 lbs. I’ve been stocking up on fresh and healthier foods to avoid excessive weight gain and my husband has been great with taking care of meals! This post on delicious Pregnancy Superfoods has been my go-to resource for eating healthy – but of course I can’t resist a Reese’s Cup or some Cheez-Its too.

What I’m Wearing

Well, bed rest doesn’t leave too many options for fashion – ha! So I’ve been keeping lots of comfortable items handy to throw on. As comfy as PJs are, I don’t want to sit in them all day every day. Here’s what I’ve been wearing instead:

  • Comfy tanks (these are my go-to) with cozy cardigans (you can find the one pictured below here)
  • Lounge pants
  • Leggings
  • Comfy tees
  • Warm sweatshirts

Super cute cardigan for before, during, and after pregnancy. Baby bump update at 33 weeks and 34 weeks | What you can expect at 33-34 weeks pregnant. Including symptoms, must haves, style, struggles, and joys. | Bumpdate | Bed Rest During Pregnancy

Essentials This Week

Along with the normal prenatal vitamins and healthy snacks on hand, here are some items I’ve found super helpful while on bed rest:

  • Well-insulated water bottle – this one holds tons of water and keeps it super cold so I don’t have to get up for refills. Hydroflask bottles are also amazing!
  • Ovia Pregnancy App – I use the contraction timer daily to keep track of my contractions.
  • Laptop, phone, and tablet to stay connected and have some entertainment.
  • Extra long phone charger extension – let’s be honest, I’m on my phone a lot right now so I need to charge it more. Plus, this will be great for the hospital!
  • Heated blanket – it’s cold where we are, so this blanket is perfect to adjust how warm I need to be.
  • Cozy slippers – these ones are cheap and so cozy to keep on all the time!
  • My current read – I got Year One for Christmas and am loving the dystopian-esk story.
  • Pregnancy bath salts to keep relaxed and comfortable.
  • And of course… Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime for extra entertainment.

Essentials for bed rest during pregnancy! Baby bump update at 33 weeks and 34 weeks | What you can expect at 33-34 weeks pregnant. Including symptoms, must haves, style, struggles, and joys. | Bumpdate | Bed Rest During Pregnancy

Some Struggles…

Baby girl is suuuuuper low right now which means she’s putting pressure on my bladder all day long. I’m sure I’m coming close to the world record for number of times peed in one day. In fact, I’ve already taken like 3 bathroom breaks wile writing this post!

All The Joy

We made it into week 34!! Considering at 32 weeks we were at the hospital in preterm labor (you can read about that here), we’re so incredibly happy that we’ve made it this far! Every day we can keep Sophie in there is one day better for her growth.

Bed Rest Update

For now I’m on permanent bed rest until further notice – Sophie can still make her appearance any day now, so we’re doing all we can to keep her in there. I got both the steroid shots for her lung development to avoid NICU time and we were prescribed an at home medication to stop further contractions. So far, I’ve been having contractions every day. The last few days have even had some tinges of pain behind them. I’m not going to lie, I have been very uncomfortable during bed rest. There have been lots of challenges – both emotional and physical that I wasn’t prepared for.

Let’s start with the emotions. I’m nesting super hard right now, which is normal for any pregnant woman this far along, but I can’t do anything about it. No cleaning, lifting, or high activity allowed – sigh. Between work, our 7-year-old, and taking care of me, there’s only so much my poor husband can do. He’s been so great, but there are just certain things that I wish I could do myself (like organizing or cleaning a certain way). More than anything, it’s just been so frustrating that I can’t do anything, when all I want is to be productive. As hard as that has been though, I think it’s been sort of a blessing in disguise for me to lean how to let things go and sort of roll with it.

Now for the physical struggles. You would think that being on bed rest would be so relaxing and comfortable because you’re just sitting and lounging all day, right?? Wrong! Sitting and laying down all day long has left my hips and butt/tailbone region so sore and raw. I literally woke up in so much pain a couple nights ago, I was almost in tears. Between my normal pregnancy pelvic cramps and the new pains form being immobile, I didn’t know what to do. I’ve been working on switching positions more frequently and standing up more (no activity, just standing) to alleviate some of the pains and so far it’s been working okay. At our next OB visit, I’ll definitely be asking for tips and suggestions on what I can do and I’ll keep you updated!

In The Works

I recently put together a guide on how to get better sleep while pregnant with all the tips and tricks that worked for me – you can check it out here. I’ll also be putting together a new MUB Reads post here in the next couple days. It will feature an awesome mommypreneur book that’s great for uplifting, inspiring, and motivating! (Honestly all moms could benefit from reading it)

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