Searching for affordable maternity clothes? Save BIG on these items that are the perfect staples for a pregnancy and postpartum wardrobe. Get all the basics you need on a budget! | This wardrobe round-up focuses on some affordable maternity clothes that are perfect basics you can wear the entire pregnancy. A lot of these selections can be worn postpartum too – which makes them a great investment!

Pregnancy brings so many changes with it – one of those being a drastic transformation in your body. You’re growing bump will push you out of almost all of your pre-pregnancy clothes (not to mention your postpartum body will be completely different too). But when there are already so many expenses surrounding preparing for a baby, it’s tough to justify spending money on a pregnancy wardrobe. I totally get it – but I also think it’s important to invest a little in yourself too. It can really help improve your mood and self-esteem and a happy momma makes for a happy baby. Pus, you can’t exactly walk around showing your mid-drift every day either!

So this wardrobe round-up focuses on some affordable maternity clothes that are perfect basics you can wear the entire pregnancy. A lot of these selections can be worn postpartum too – which makes them a great investment! Don’t forget to check out our First Trimester Essentials & Second Trimester Essentials lists as well.


Basic Tee | Super soft and stretchy to last through the third trimester! Plus, NO ruched side, which makes these tees perfect as a non-maternity item as well.

Basic Tank | Soft and stretchy like the tees to last all pregnancy long. Can be worn after pregnancy as well – no ruched sides! These are the perfect basics for layering. » This one from Maurices is also a favorite – it’s non-maternity, but stretchy enough to fit over a belly! (This tank is also similar and super cheap!)

Cardigan | Open cardigans are perfect because you can wear them at any time and don’t have to worry about fitting them over a belly. A slouchy one like this is perfect for layering over tanks! // If you want to splurge and invest a little more in a staple piece, this open knit cardigan is simply gorgeous!

Sweater | Especially since my third trimester was in the winter, I loved this cute striped sweater. // Don’t forget to purchase a lighter one too for the in-between weather – this one is absolutely adorable with the bell sleeves.

Long Sleeve | I’m really digging the square neck on this long sleeve tee – plus it’s really cheap!


Leggings | Once I hit the third trimester, I pretty much lived in leggings – I’m sure most other pregnant women would agree! I love that these ones are under the belly too, but they also make these over the belly leggings that are just as affordable. You can also wear these both postpartum!

Jeans | Everyone could use this staple item. I found a hard time finding an affordable pair of under belly jeans I liked. So I just bought these and folded down the band – it was perfect! » Check out these ones if you want an affordable skinny!

Lounging Pants | These super cute joggers are non-maternity, but stretch to fit under belly! They are cute, cheap, and will last you a long time.

Shoes & Accessories

Beanie | This is perfect for those days when you just don’t have the energy to do your hair, and dry shampoo isn’t cutting it! I love how crazy soft this one is, plus it has an adorable pom pom.

Slip-on Sneakers | Trust me, when you reach that third trimester mark, you won’t want to (more like physically can’t) bend down to tie your shoes. I love the color of these casual slip on sneakers. // These ones cost a little more, but have more versatility and tons of color options.

Slippers | These slippers have hard soles, which is perfect for keeping them on to make a quick run outside or even to take to the hospital when delivery time comes.

Nursing Bras | If they haven’t already, your boobs are going to grow… and I mean a lot. My first pregnancy I went from a B to almost a DD!! And you won’t shrink back down until well after pregnancy. Invest in some good nursing bras now, you’ll need the comfort and your girls will thank you when they’re swollen with milk. This one is my absolute favorite sleeping/lace racerback bra. But I also invested in a wireless bra, full coverage seamless bra, and a bra with a little more support.

Bellaband | If you want to hold off on purchasing maternity jeans, get a Bellaband! It just slips on right over your pre-pregnancy jeans.


Bodycon Dress | I love formfitting dresses during pregnancy! They are so flattering to a growing bump!

Wrap Dress | You can get a non-maternity wrap dress like this one. It has tons of room for a full-term bump and will be nursing friendly when baby arrives!


Sets | I always got pretty hot at night, especially during the third trimester, so this pajama set was perfect. // This 3-piece set was also gifted to me and includes an adorable robe with pockets! It’s also light and airy to keep cool.

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